Your Attire is Your Attitude

What Defines You 

“In a world of infinite choice, it’s the Context that Conquers!  

We all will agree that everything in life revolves around a Context. Context could be the position we hold in an organization or society,  marriage or  special occasions, festivals, formal/ informal gatherings like birthdays, parties, get togethers etc

What defines our persona is our ability to seamlessly integrate with these contexts and often, the assimilation of our persona can happen through our external appearance – something that others perceive and relate to 

Indeed, our exterior is all about the clothes we wear and the accessories we choose! 

Why is it important?

Let’s take an example of our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Modi ’Ji’ as called with utmost reverence has aptly mentioned about how he wanted to carry himself with poise right from his childhood days. 

Modiji looked at some unconventional ways to press his limited sets of pyjamas and kurtas. He used to place some hot coal pieces inside a tumbler and rub them through his clothes so that they looked neat once worn. 

Today, when we witness the way he communicates with such eloquence and passion, we can’t take our eyes off the ever fresh fashion statements he makes through his perfectly coordinated kurtas, jackets and pyjamas. 

Modiji’s dapper dressing sense speaks volumes of his attitude, confidence, authority & knowledge and he indeed carries the essence of our country to foreign lands! 

The Margazhi Festival (by december) in South India comes alive to the ragas & rhythms and integrating well with this Context, is the manner in which women classical singers drape rich traditional pattu sarees well-coordinated with vibrant jewellery speaks of their aesthetic sense, grace, confidence & knowledge symbolising the rich ethnic splendour of our country

So, whatever be the Context, it could be our position in Corporate or Society, a marriage or a social event, all women’s outing or any other gathering – each and every occasion presents us an  opportunity to define our persona.

A meticulous, well planned and trendy clothing is a Self-expression – so why miss an opportunity to let the world know ‘’Who We Are’’

As aptly put across by a very successful Image Consultant, Judith Rasband “The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act & the way others react to us”.

So, Let us embellish with elegance, Spruce up with gaiety! 

Concept by Deepa Narayanan and Blog Support by Krutika Madhusudan