Your Attire Reflects The ARTist in You!

Enriching knowledge, improving expertise & striving for higher standard of living has been the trajectory of human progress. Indeed, the story of human development is an intriguing one!
There has been a paradigm shift in the way humans have evolved.
Thanks to our rich cultural heritage – be it our food, attire, music or functions – we have transformed ourselves from a mere functionality & a utility based living to a significantly higher quality living, centered around aesthetics & social appeal blended with knowledge & mastery.
So, our focus has been of ‘being artful’ over ‘adequacy’, the most inspired way of expressing ourselves to the world.

Being artful is a sign of human progression and perhaps the best way to connect, soulfully!
For instance, music assimilates elements like melody, rhythm in complete harmony thereby creating ‘art’ in its best sublime form and a good music successfully emotes humans & establishes an intense connection!
Similarly, the way we ‘live’ in our clothes is an assimilation or integration of color, fabric, design and accessories in relation to the context & one’s persona.
Therefore, wearing right attire for the right occasion is also an ‘art’ that creates an indelible impact on our persona and the people around us.

There is never a dull moment in music – similarly, there is no dull moment in dressing up as every context presents a unique opportunity to express our attitude & values and creates a positive visual impact.
A few illustrations :

  1. If you are attending a traditional function, it is an opportunity to reflect one’s innate value for culture and tradition. Hence, a traditional Kanchipuram silk saree with shades of dark green, maroon or mango yellow would go well if it’s a day and pastel shades like beige, off-white, grey or black for the evening.
    The attire complemented with traditional gold antique jewelry projects a classy aesthetic Sense and eternal grace!
    An alternate option will be sarees of jute silks, soft gadwall silk or raw silk that is lot more easy to carry!
  2. If it is an office or a social get together, then the outfit should exhibit smartness, sense of authority and confidence. It needs to be simple yet very elegant. A choice of indo-western style wear or easy drape Tussar silks or semi-stitched ready to wear sarees paired with a simple pendent and a bracelet will look stylish and chic.

The concept of what should we worn at a particular point of time not only wins over random and ritualistic clothing but also appeals to the intellect of people around us.
We can never under estimate the value of external appearances as it’s an instant unspoken yet powerful language that connects people.
From morning walks, super market visits, official work environment, casual dine outs with family/friends, weddings, birthday parties, all-women’s outings to farewell parties, all these are just not mere events happening to us, these are avenues to continuously refine our persona with deliberate ‘art’ and craftsmanship.

As aptly put across by John Galliano. “The Joy of dressing in an Art”. So, let’s ignite the artist within us to canvas ourselves with the finest choices of clothes every time!

Concept by Deepa Narayanan and Blog Support by Krutika Madhusudan