Fashion today – The ‘Clever’ Investor in U

Flip through the pages of a magazine, you will be awestruck to see celebrities in classic and totally sworn worthy outfits. The perfection of the attire complimenting well with the style and personality of the individual makes you firmly believe that it takes million bucks to get that chic look! It’s what in the wallet that matters the most! Bigger the brand and higher the money i put in for building my wardrobe, the better are my chances to dress ‘up’ !
Well, that’s not the truth. Certain tricks of the trade can groom the smart investor in you w.r.t choices of your clothing range.

Let’s talk about successful investors in the world of financial markets. They carefully assess the market conditions, screen through the available options and analyse risk-return equations to come up with the best investment portfolio.

A striking analogy to fashion will be a smartly invested wardrobe to accentuate your looks as the head turner for every occasion!. All it needs is a careful assessment of market offerings, knowing where & what to buy that complements well with your style & personality and for a right price!

A well researched mix of classic, high quality, unique designer wear opens up the opportunities to instantly elevate your look. Improvising and reinventing combinations in your wardrobe as a prudent investor is a definite rewarding strategy for women across age groups.
So, it’s the shopping strategy that will yield you better pay off  !!!!

In a nut shell, there is good clothing design at every level today. It has less to do with the brand or price but more to do with how you explore and engage in imaginative clothing. Your closet speaks volumes of your personal style, mannerisms and most importantly your uncanny ability to stay updated.
How intriguing it is to know that looking classy is a choice that is not determined by the brand or price – but largely influenced by expertize, effort and confidence invested to dress up!

As aptly put across by American investor, Peter Lynch, “ Know what you own and WHY You own it”.

Concept by Deepa Narayanan and Blog Support by Krutika Madhusudan