Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sansaara?

Sansaara is managed by Deepa Narayanan who holds a degree in fashion designing and has a strong background in the field of fashion with several years of experience. Sansaara’s customer patronage has been growing over the years and the reviews are very encouraging.

Today, certain clothing outlets operate through paid staff who are generalists (ilo fashion experts) and may lack expertize & ability to provide personalized/ informative experience and consultation services.

The decision of selecting the right attire for the occasion is often left to the customer and it is a daunting task in the ever changing world of fashion.

Today, there are limited professional fashion consultancy services available in the market to provide personalized end-to-end solution.

Sansaara’s core objective is to ‘’Discover the Beautiful YOU’’ and it provides an very engaging & informative experience about the attire and its relevance to the context, colour themes, quality including how well it aligns with your persona & attitude !

At Sansaara, we believe ‘’Your Attire Is Your Attitude’’ !

Why Personal Stylist? Can’t I make my own clothing decisions ?

Selection of right clothing for the right occasion that is perfectly aligned to an individual’s persona & attitude is becoming very complex and challenging due to multitude of factors like  too many clothing options YET very less information or consultation services available on what suits me best, right attire for right occasion and our own ability to keep in pace with fast emerging fashion trends.

This is further complicated by lack of time, ability to grasp the nuances of quality aspects of numerous dress materials or design work available in market today and raising number of  special occasions including corporate and social gatherings, family functions, formal & informal Occasions etc.

All of this increases the risk of bad purchases i.e. not being in the right outfit for the occasion, not selecting the right quality of materials or paying higher prices than what it truly deserves.

Sansaara’s Personal Styling services is designed to address this gap. It not only provides you an informative and an engaging experience but also consulting solutions that would make you look your very best for the occasion and you can always be assured of ‘Right Choice, Right Quality and at Right Price’

What are Sansaara's offerings ?

Sansaara’s offerings cater to the dressing needs of women and girls for various occasions in line with emerging fashion trends.

a.      Personal Styling :

Sansaraa’s expert fashion design consultant shall help you with the finest choice of fashion attire solutions aligned to your persona & occasion. The selection process will be informative & engaging.

Bridal Collections : Wedding attire, reception suit, costumes for pre/post wedding shoot etc.
Theme Designs : For family & friends – all women outing/kitty parties, sangeeth, birthdays etc.
Contemporary : Muthoortham, upanayanam and other cultural events.
Kids Collections : Birthdays and other special occasions.

b.      Designer wear: 

Sansaara’s expert fashion design consultant’s own & exclusive designs aligned to your persona and occasion.

Today, the time-to-market is very high i.e. the process of cloth selection to designing and stitching takes a long time before you get the final product. Further, the quality of fit and quality of stitching are highly inconsistent.

Sansaara’s Personal Styling from the expert fashion design consultant is designed to address this gap.

c.      Unique hand-picked readymade collections:

Sansaara’s expert fashion design consultant’s selection of unique hand-picked collections.
What are the steps involved in Personal Stylist ? How does it work ?

Let us illustrate here with a real life example :

It is a marriage event and the Bride’s family approaches Sansaara and intends to have a theme design for its family members for the Sangeeth function. The Bride wants traditional/cultural attire for marriage and modern fashionable attire for reception event and for the post-wedding shoots.

Based on discussions with the bride & her family on the requirements, Sansaara provides an costs estimate, concurrences are obtained and payments are received in advance.

Sansaara provides attire choices and options i.e. by way of photos, design sketches, sample materials etc and a final selection of the attire is accomplished.

Are Personal Stylist Services expensive ?

Not at all – in fact it helps you to be at your very best by enabling you to make the right choice and the right quality for a right price.

You eliminate bad purchases i.e. you don’t end up paying more than what it truly deserves or you don’t end up paying for something that is not best suited for the occasion or your persona.